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Fedora Infrastructure – From code cradle till the desk and back

[ThinkTank ON] I think never completely our packaged apps only are what makes really great Fedora, else our websites and services together with packages. For us now the main queston is how we bring closer and easier to our user-base all what we are. Mainly from code cradle till desk and back, right? In long term IMHO if we are the hackers and engineers distribution, and if we targeting this – then this is not a bad idea at all with Fedora .NEXT project.

In order – in my opinion, we are heading to a pretty awesome direction – that gonna change a lot. First of it we have already Copr, Tito as custom repository resource ability – that is known from Ubuntu PPA’s. We have DeveloperAssistant that makes easier to code, develop, test and make your app ready to run. Then we have also by Appdata/AppInstaller that makes nice and easy the selection, installing, and normal – everyday handling of the packages. Well, at this point made me thinking – and here I saw a very-very promising possibility, opportunity.

I would say imho that to receive an awesome Fedora as PAAS we have to tie together the tools and services with the desktop, and separate with a single different user login. One side the everyday user, and on the other side the developer workstation depending his/her filled role. Yes, I know this maybe sound scary, but I would say it’s not – because we have everything in bits and parts, but yet not combined or united. From this part I say AppInstaller with some Node.js support (Gnome has already) that includes our apps.fedoraproject.org services we are not only set the handling levels high, else we can drop many jawbones to the desk. If somebody noticed – we already providing tons of information, and also an web search for packages. We provide also pretty much everything on package/apps pages like if you check eg. apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/gnome-search-tool – you can see that we provide an VERY broad view to our package. There is already overview, short description, versions, builds, changelogs, contents, updates, bugs, and in pkginfo/packagedb provides more: newest lately added packages, packagers info, stats – and more. If we pull/include packagers help, fedmesg either, and some abilities that DeveloperAssistant provides… AND copr/tito with Fedora Hosted – that would be FREAKING amazing.

What would you say, if ALL this comes together in long term in your desktop one search away in a single app, with well organised tabs (or Mairin’s HUB idea fitts really good into here) – that wraps all this info sources into a single fullscreen UI? I mean can be possibly this Fedora Gnome Software / AppInstaller? What do you say to this thoughts? There is missing parts that can block this? Can be happen in long term? [Thinktank OFF]