Fedora Hubs and possible communication improvement suggestion

Mostly Fedora has a plenty amazing services, but right now we suffering from a lack of integration to the desktop back and forth (between users – devs, and our infra and services between them) , and this doesn’t serving us well as I see. But Fedora .Next doesn’t stopped, it’s rolling like a thunder, and Mizmo Hub design can be our critical piece of the puzzle…

If we are organizing properly we can make a huge leap forward within our infrastructure, and I think crowning with some jewels like WebRTC and it’s services, it’s can turn for Fedora amazing.

So, I have found again webRTC, but this time taken a deep breath and dive deeper then earlier as user. I have found 3 amazing open source alternatives that I would like to try it out if possible (or for anybody if we can integrate somehow in FAS, or in user level into gnome shell – maybe):

– Janus webRTC gateway server, simply tiny c code based f*king awesome app, that ubuntu again packaged earlier, but it’s using libsofia, and other sip solutions as plug-in if necessary. Homepage: https://janus.conf.meetecho.com/
For compiling: http://the.randomengineer.com/2014/05/21/lightweight-live-video-in-a-webpage-with-gstreamer-and-webrtc/

– Second solution is openwebrtc.io, demo site is http://demo.openwebrtc.io:38080/ and works like a charm.

– Third one is Firefox and Tokbox cooperation called Hello Firefox, what is integrated into already to the latest version, only needs an Firefox account registration and done, you can have everything that you have in google hangout.

Wouldn’t be great to have something that can grab together voice and video and filesharing, IRC? The only question is where to place this layer.

Otherwise if we are able to integrate Fedora services into communications with developent together till the desktop (gnome shell, kde, xfce), that receives from every major view a hub on the web – I think we gonna win pretty much from every aspect of it.

Think about it! We already offering building and repo services (eg. copr), personal storage (fedorapeople storage), integrated development tools (eg. devassistant), our own web clipboard (fpaste), we have our own kinda twitter system (FedMesg), notes (gnote), scheduling (fedocal), and much more – that if gets right hub within the infrastructure levels – can turn into an amazing user experience. For example (just an idea) if we integrate all communications with an mail client like Evolution, or Geary categorizing as system message, note, event, or reminder (that goes through eg. Fedmesg) – Fedora can be hero for the coders and users.

What do you think? Am I think wrong? Missed out something? How would you do?

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