Hello Fedora world!

Welcome to my entirely new blog-site, at least from now on will show that we are really in change in the Hungarian community too. After  a high demand we have to renew the the most important community pages, and the local structures as trying to cover more. Not only our members needs, else to pick up something from the upcoming Fedora .Next changes.

We have struggled a lot, and delayed a lot, but we are changing, like a worm, that turns into a beautiful butterfly.  We have gained superb contacts, like PCWorld computer newspaper – and still trying to breath on the tempo that we have to keep in organizing…  happily, but we do it and more as before.

I will try to gather here my impressions, and themes, writings from other Hungarian members, as well as community news, improvements and changes.

So, heads up guys and girls, we are pretty much alive and we are on march… 1… 2…1… 2…

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